The event started at 7 and finished at 11.
There were a steady flow of people coming throughout which kept things fresh as it meant that there were always new people to talk to.
 Before I start, let me just set the mood and talk about the actual venue,Tiger Tiger.
We had our own sectioned off area that gave the event a VIP feel to it.
 There were lots of new faces this time around (I was at the previous event too).
 The room had a nice ambience to it and was a good size forthe amount of people there.
The layout of the chairs meant that people could sit down andtalk while facing each other.
So for all of you beautiful people who feel like standing would be a waste of your talents, you could just sit down and wait for the action to come to you!
 As people entered, they were asked to write their name andhobby which served the purpose of a bit of small talk. The most interesting hobby I saw was scuba diving. It’s not a common hobby in London that’s for sure and I wouldn’t recommend the river Thames for scuba diving either.
 In any or most fields, people need to warm up in order to be able to perform to the best of their abilities.
Singers will warm up their voices, athletes will warm up their bodies and in the case of this event, the participants will warm up their minds and get comfortable with their surroundings.
 What better way to do that than to consume copius amounts of alcohol and participate in an ice breaker game?The ice breaker game was a good laugh. The team events goteveryone interacting with each other. Everyone was put into groups of 4/5 and the game was a 5 question quiz. I enjoyed the quick thinking of the MC to make everyone shout out their group identifier which acted like a buzzer so there were some hilarious sounds to be heard which loosened people up.
As usual, nice prizes were on offer.
For the teams, 2nd place received Godiva chocolate and 1st place received a bottle of Moet and Chandon.
After the warm up was done, it was time for the main event.
Mingling. It didn’t take long for people to start moving around and getting comfortable with each other.

The format was like a free-for-all so it was interesting for me to see how people would approach this like (do I proceed on my own or do I form an alliance?).
You had to have been there to fully enjoy what I’m trying to to you.
The final game was couples bingo. The idea being that couples were formed which would make them eligible to enter the game and win some more Fantastic prizes (and I said fantastic with a capital ‘F’ for emphasis on how fantastic the prizes were).
 Here were the prizes on offer:
I really wanted the 4th. This is the one I wanted the most because who can say ‘no’ to beer and food. What a great combination.
I must say, the MC did a great job of hosting the event and her charisma really helped liven things up even more so.
At 11 the event ended and there was music in the backgroundas the djs had started to play their opening sets which madefor a smooth transition to the dance floor.
Overall I had a great time and received a lot of positive feedback from the people who I managed to talk to at the event. I’ll give it a 5/7 with rice.